Reporter and interviewee on porch

Carrie Johnson interviews Josiah Jones, an award-winning filmmaker and producer.


Among other things, the most important thing I learned this week that I would rank higher is how important a community is: the inspiration pulled from shared stories, the technical skills showcased and the overall collaboration that results in something special. From Cristela asking if I want a coffee and complimenting my work before honing my craft to Adreanna’s snort and laws of fried rice, taking the clay I created and molding it into a story with Selena adding a beautiful flourish, to Arielle’s immediate acceptance based on being the same tribe, all the way to Doug standing on a stage but not making me feel as if I am any less (which I am). These moments of mentorship, friendship, opportunity help flourish…this. A proud product for someone worth being proud about.

What I would have done differently this week is do more. Write more, take more pictures, add more audio and try different things on different tracks, professionalize my standup more although I think the personality showcased is perfect, add more to the web design to encompass creativity and art and everything Josiah. I wish I would have done more because time flies and things end and it is a week like this that we carry with us when we leave. However, I can say I have absolutely no regrets. 

Some things from this project that I am going to start next week is prioritization, a striving for doing what I enjoy, and being both enwrapped and aware of culture and happenings in the world. Self care is vital. How can I tell someone else’s story to its full extent if I cannot take care of my own story, my own life? Certain things should be prioritized – eating, sleeping, enjoying the moments we often overlook (like laughter).